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Watch Lady Gaga Sing the National Anthem With Great Vocals, Only Moderate Gaga-tude

Lady Gaga has always been a great singer, but in the two or three years since the disappointing commercial performance of her last solo album Artpop, she has reinvented herself as a more restrained singer of jazz and pop standards. So it made sense when she was chosen to sing the always challenging “Star-Spangled Banner” at the 2016 Super Bowl.

While Gaga’s surprisingly operatic vocal performance, belted over piano accompaniment, did not disappoint, Gaga did surprise somewhat with her fashion choices, which were not so toned-down as they have been in other recent performances. Though she left her meat dress at home, Gaga took the stage in red-white-and-blue platform shoes and a hairdo seemingly borrowed from Jareth the Goblin King. Perhaps she was already preparing for her Grammys tribute to David Bowie? We’ll see soon whether this is the beginning of the return of weirdo Gaga.