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Hingle McCringleberry Still Won’t Stop Pelvis-Thrusting in This New Key & Peele (& Colbert) Sketch

That Hingle McCringleberry just can’t help himself. Yesterday we saw the latest chapter in the hilarious battle of wits between Keegan-Michael Key’s McCringleberry—a football player whose post-touchdown celebratory impulses know no bounds—and Jordan Peele’s nameless, no-nonsense referee, who simply will not abide a third hip pump. 

Well, we didn’t have to wait long for a rematch, as Stephen Colbert unveiled yet another edition on last night’s Late Show. Once again, Colbert joins “sports journalists” Key and Peele as the play-by-play announcer and as McCringleberry’s Tigers teammate, Kimble Mathias. Together, they test the ref’s patience like never before: a Superman mime, a painting of nudes, a Viking funeral, and more.