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Watch Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller Struggle to Adult in the First Trailer for Get a Job

After four years in limbo, Get a Job is scheduled to hit theaters next month. The first trailer for the unemployment comedy, released today, is a blast from the past: It stars a pre-Whiplash, pre-Esquire cover Miles Teller, and also takes us back to a time when unemployment comedies were topical. (The year Get a Job finished filming, 2012, was also the year Girls and 2 Broke Girls were in their first seasons.) The usual tropes are all here: pot smoking, existential angst, and the perils of finding a job in a collapsed economy.

In addition to Teller and co-star Anna Kendrick, the movie sports an impressive supporting cast, including Alison Brie, Bryan Cranston, and John C. McGinley (Scrubs’ Dr. Perry Cox) to name a few. Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse (best known as Fogell from a certain other coming-of-age movie) also pops into the trailer to say hello. With such a stacked cast, it’s hard to say what caused the movie to sit on a shelf for this long, but we’ll find out on March 25 whether it stands the test of time.