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Watch a Touching Behind-the-Scenes Video of Colbert and His Staff Preparing for the Late Show Premiere

It’s been over five months since Stephen Colbert took over The Late Show, and Late Show host Colbert has turned out to be an affable and likable fellow, infusing the late night talk show circuit with just the right mix of goofy self-awareness and political chops. But for Colbert and his staff, preparing for an undertaking as monumental as the new The Late Show was clearly not an easy task, and in order to prove it, the show’s YouTube channel just posted a brief three-minute montage, titled “A Look Back at the Beginning,” featuring clips from the test shows that were performed two weeks before the big premiere on Sept. 8, 2015.

Peppered with Jon Batiste and Stay Human’s infectiously upbeat theme song, the brief but effective video does a good job capturing the stress, excitement, and hard work that went into getting ready for one of the most highly anticipated premieres of last year. The video ends with some touching raw footage of Colbert preparing to take the next big step in his professional life. The amount of energy felt in this footage is enough to make you wish for a more comprehensive behind-the-scenes documentary, but for now, this is all we get.