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Watch Sia and James Corden Wig Out in the Latest Carpool Karaoke

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, a lost and flustered James Corden pulled over and picked up Sia for the latest round of Carpool Karaoke. (Because who better to give directions around Los Angeles than an Aussie with sightline-obscuring bangs?) On their way to the CBS studio, the two worked their way through Sia’s many hits, including older singles “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” and the more recent “Alive” off of Sia’s This Is Acting. They closed things out with a passionate performance of her David Guetta collaboration, “Titanium.”

Along the way, Sia dispensed some vocal pointers and Corden got to try on his very own black and blonde wig. He also lobbed a solid mix of questions, and Sia’s answers ranged from the sobering—quite literally—to the utterly silly. Come for the singing, stay to learn why Sia really wears a wig, what made her believe in aliens, and how many eggs she can hold atop her hands. One way or another, you’ll be amazed.