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Seth Meyers Reminds Us That There Are Tons of Martin Shkrelis Out There

You could easily make a case for Martin Shkreli as the most universally hated person in America right now: Ever since the “pharma bro” first came to prominence last year when his company Turing spiked its prices of an AIDS and cancer treatment drug, he’s drawn the heated ire of the public. Recently, disdain for Shkreli has reached fever pitch, following his arrest for securities fraud, a smug appearance before a Congressional hearing on Turing’s price gouging, and, bizarrely enough, his intense feud with members of Wu-Tang Clan. In case you haven’t been paying close attention to Shkreli’s misadventures, Late Night With Seth Meyers will get you up to speed.

But as Meyers points out, Shkreli isn’t alone in his dastardly schemes—he’s just the loudest and most unapologetically boastful about it. Drug company Valeant, for instance, bought the rights to some life-saving drugs last year, and immediately hiked up the prices astronomically. “Valeant didn’t cause nearly as much outrage as Shkreli did because they don’t have a smug, irritating face,” says Meyers. “They have a soothing logo.” In other words: we should all feel free to continue shaming and mocking the morally bankrupt Shkreli, but we should also never forget that there are tons more of his kind out there—and Congress needs to do better to keep them in check.