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Seth Meyers Breaks Down the Comical Reactions to Trump’s Iraq War Comments

During Saturday’s Republican debate, Donald Trump said something no GOP candidate is supposed to believe: that the Iraq War was a mistake. Jeb Bush’s anger was palpable, and in the following days others—including former President George W. Bush himself—have sounded off with their own thoughts. On Tuesday’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers recapped the verbal sparring between Trump and the Bush camp, along with all of the fallout and the fact checks. Among the highlights is former vice president Dick Cheney’s curt, disdainful evaluation of Trump during an interview: “He sounds like a liberal democrat to me.”

“Finally,” Meyers said, “someone who’s not afraid to snarl back at Trump. Remember Cheney’s always gonna have the upper hand. Trump only claimed he could shoot someone and get away with it. Cheney did it.”