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Samantha Bee and Colbert Brainstormed Some Very Creative Euphemisms for Female Anatomy

Samantha Bee appeared on Colbert’s Late Show Thursday to promote her upcoming late-night show Full Frontal, which, as Colbert noted, will make her the only woman hosting a late-night show. On the subject of how male and female late-night hosts differ, Bee offered an observation about The Late Show: “You do reference your own man parts with pretty astonishing frequency.”

Obviously, there’s nothing stopping Bee from doing the same on her own show, but Colbert pointed out that she, like him, will need to brainstorm some euphemisms to avoid censorship. From there they launched into a list that attempts to pinpoint the perfect female equivalent to “huevos rancheros.” “Department of the Interior” and “The Chamber of Secrets” seem like the front-runners so far.