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Rosamund Pike Is a Woman Possessed in Massive Attack’s Nightmarish New Video

Late last month, pioneering English electronic group Massive Attack surprise-released Ritual Spirittheir first new music since 2010’s Heligoland. The EP included “Voodoo in My Blood,” a Young Fathers collaboration with a tense subterranean vibe to match its ominous title. And now it’s released an accompanying music video—starring Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike.

The clip begins with Pike warily entering a subway tunnel. The tension builds—hers and ours—as she walks deeper inside the narrow passageway without another soul in sight. Finally reaching an underground atrium, she encounters a mysterious metallic orb that approaches and floats around her as if sentient. She becomes strangely transfixed before unleashing an evil cackle that makes Amy seem calming by comparison. Over the ensuing minutes, woman and orb engage one another in a disturbingly rapturous dance that perfectly underscores the track’s deep bass, chilly synths, and obliquely menacing lyrics, filled with imagery of cheeky grins and bloody teeth.