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Voice of God Morgan Freeman Can Now Be the Voice of Your GPS Thanks to a Pretty Genius Movie Marketing Ploy

“In three blocks, make a right.”

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Google’s navigation app Waze has signed on another celebrity to its voice navigation roster—but not just any celebrity. The voice of God himself, Morgan Freeman, has brought his voice to the app for a limited time as a marketing tie-in for his new movie, London Has Fallen. To summon him, simply open the Waze app and select: Settings>Sound>Navigation Guidance>Morgan Freeman. Given the limited time, and sample lines like “the world awaits your commands,” time is naturally of the essence.

The London Has Fallen tie-in also explains why Freeman will be addressing users as though they are the U.S. president. (In the movie, which comes out March 4, Freeman plays the vice president.) This could be the role of a lifetime for all of us—but it’s hard not to wish we could have been given a less dorky name than “President Wazer.”