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Matt Damon Is Bourne Again in the Teaser for Jason Bourne

Those who watched Super Bowl 50 may have noticed a familiar face, looking more buff than usual. No, not the players: Matt Damon, back as Jason Bourne in the teaser for the unimaginatively titled Jason Bourne. The teaser includes some so far mysterious street riots, the obligatory car chases, and some especially brutal fistfights. (Spoiler alert: Bourne wins.)

Tommy Lee Jones, meanwhile, appears as a CIA bigwig to voice some expository concern—“Why would he come back now?”—that doubles as meta-commentary on Damon’s brief Bourne hiatus. (2012’s The Bourne Legacy was technically Bourne-less, focusing instead on Jeremy Renner’s black ops agent, Aaron Cross.) And while fans will no doubt appreciate that Damon is back, they may be equally grateful for the return of director Paul Greengrass, whose shaky-cam cinematography and kinetic editing in 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy and 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum gave the franchise its signature look.