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Watch Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty Get Trippy in Her “Freak” Video    

Mmm. Beard.

Screenshot via YouTube

This might be Lana Del Rey’s most “Lana Del Rey” video yet: In a trippy 11-minute video for “Freak”, a blinding sun beats down on her and Father John Misty, who appear to be drinking Kool-Aid and dropping acid, respectively. Misty looks just cultish enough to capture the spirit of a Lana video, especially as he envisions himself surrounded by a coterie of pale, long-haired girls who seem entranced by his beard.

The second half of the video submerges us under water, just like in the video for “Music to Watch Boys To,” also from Del Rey’s Honeymoon. We see women in white twirl and play with each other’s hair—this time with “Clair de Lune” in the background. And of course, before the song ends, Father John Misty floats in and joins them.