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Watch Kate McKinnon Make Carol a Little Less Subtle in This Great Spoof From the Spirit Awards

Though it was perhaps the most acclaimed movie of the year, the Oscars didn’t give Todd Haynes’ Carol a Best Picture nomination—meaning that they left most of the fun in spoofing the movie to the Spirit Awards. Their loss. While in the movie, the title character (Cate Blanchett) seduces the young shopgirl Therese through a series of charged glances, the parody takes all the subtext and makes it text. The frequently spectacular impressionist Kate McKinnon musters her best husky voice to take on the role of Blanchett, while Kumal Nanjiani continually interrupts her thinly veiled attempts, like the world’s most thickheaded moviegoer.

Whether you’re more like Nanjiani or you appreciated the deeper meanings behind all the winking, credit goes to McKinnon, Nanjiani, and the Spirits for one of the best spoofs of this awards season.