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Jessica Williams Took Down Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Critics on The Daily Show    

This weekend was good for football fans, but great for Beyoncé fans, as the artist surprise-dropped a new single—complete with music video—right before delivering a killer Super Bowl halftime performance and announcing a world tour. The “Formation” video and halftime performance that followed were some of Beyoncé’s most overtly political work yet, with references to the Black Lives Matter movement, Hurricane Katrina, and the Black Panthers. But not everyone was a fan: Rudy Giuliani, for instance, called for more “wholesome” Super Bowl performances.

But on Monday night’s Daily Show, Jessica Williams destroyed such criticisms one by one. “I didn’t realize that singing about race was equivalent to Janet Jackson getting her titty pulled out at the Super Bowl,” Williams said. “But you’re right … the fans deserve wholesome entertainment. Like watching 300-pound men give each other concussions while a crowd cheers like we’re extras in the movie Gladiator.”