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Watch Channing Tatum Actually Sing in the Newest Clip From Hail, Caesar! (You Will Swoon.)

We all know that Channing Tatum is a master of the lip sync, but behold: proof that he’s not half bad at actually singing, either. In this clip from the Coen brothers’ upcoming comedy Hail Caesar!, we finally get to hear the star exercise his vocal cords as a World War II-era sailor, and it doesn’t disappoint. “No Dames,” is everything cinephiles and Tatum fans alike could hope for: The Magic Mike star channeling Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh and On the Town; the Cole Porter-esque lyrics, hardly subtle in their double entendres (“We’ll see a lot of fish, but we’ll never clock a dish/ We ain’t gonna see no dames!”); the winking acknowledgement of the homoerotic undertones (overtones?) in a song about the absence of women, as sung by a bunch of sailors.

The movie musical as a genre may be scarcely breathing, but between this and the equally pleasing jaunt among table saws and workbenches in Magic Mike XXL, Tatum is doing his best to keep it alive.