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Watch Chris Stapleton Make English’s Most Irritating Words Sound Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey

Whether you’re a longtime Chris Stapleton fan, or just heard about the singer-songwriter over the weekend because of his Grammy wins, chances are you’ll both love and hate his “new album,” Chringeworthy. Stapleton is known for his smooth-as-Tennessee-whiskey, warm-as-brandy vocals, so of course Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked him to try his hand at the English language’s most irksome words—from eyeroll-inducing fare like foodie, to truly revolting words like moist—to see if he could change them into typically soulful, Stapleton-esque songs.

We’ll leave you to judge how he does—although, if you’re new to Stapleton’s work, you might be better off starting with his actual album Traveller first.