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The Dowager Countess’ Finest Burns on Downton Abbey

As Americans enjoy the final episodes of Downton Abbey on PBS, it may prove especially difficult to depart with one character. What will we do without the dowager countess, Crawley family matriarch and side-eye royal? In particular, how will we do without her burns? As delivered by Maggie Smith, who won back-to-back Emmys for the role, the dowager’s insults represented the id of a fading English upper class. They were also some of the funniest on TV.

In tribute, Slate collected her finest one-line barbs, laid on family members, guests of the estate, and, sometimes, even on herself. Watch above for one last blast of dowager realness.  

Correction, Feb. 16, 2016: This post originally misspelled the Crawley family’s surname.