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Bernie Sanders Made His Cranky SNL Debut Alongside Host Larry David in This Titanic Spoof

Hillary did it. Trump did it. And last night, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made his SNL debut, alongside host and uncanny doppelgänger, Larry David.

In the sketch, David, adopting a bold Irish-ish accent for the occasion, played the one-percenter captain of an old-time-y sinking ship (a metaphor?) who just can’t believe women and children are getting on lifeboats before him. “I hate to pull this, but my father is rich” he brogues. “Technically, my life is worth more than all of yours put together.”

Enter Bernie Sanders—or rather, Bernie Sanderswitzky (he’ll change it when he gets to America—“so it doesn’t sound quite so Jewish,” he explains), a seafaring populist with some very, um, familiar-sounding ideas. “Enough is enough!” he says, borrowing one of his campaign’s catchphrases. “We need to unite and work together if we’re all going to get through this!”