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Watch Ben Schwartz Explain How He Helped Create BB-8’s Adorable Voice in The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens added plenty of fascinating characters to the Star Wars universe, and BB-8 was easily the most adorable. The droid’s speech is mostly a combination of bleeps and bloops like R2-D2, but those noises are delivered in a distinct voice from its predecessor. Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader were the vocal consultants behind BB-8’s charming audio identity, and Slate spoke with Schwartz following the film’s opening to find out what the process was like. Now, Schwartz dishes even more details about recording BB-8’s dialogue, and what it was like to join the Star Wars family, in a Reddit Original video.

“I don’t know how much percent of my actual voice is in there,” Schwartz says, adding later, “But I know that all the editors were so kind to me in saying that it really helped with the way they edit, and the cadence. I think in the end J.J. [Abrams] … literally did the whole thing off an iPad app. But maybe listened to my voice and worked with the cadence of that. But I got to go to the Star Wars premiere!”