Visualizing the Ridiculous Words Used to Disparage Women   

Left: Golddigger. Right: Butterface.

Anna Friemoth

Too often, the words used to describe women are discriminatory. They’re also, upon close inspection, absurd. 

That’s the simple truth Anna Friemoth brings to light in her ongoing series, “Words for Women.” By illustrating the monikers applied to women in the most literal way possible using herself and others as models, she inspires viewers to think about the images and attitudes they actually connote. 

Left: Wallflower. Right: Arm Candy.

Anna Friemoth

For the series, Friemoth chose compound words composed of concrete nouns that would make for strong visuals. Some of the words took more time than others to conceptualize. A few transformed after some experimentation.  

“My initial idea for ‘Sugar Tits’ started with pieces of candy on the body. After trying it out, the idea for icing came about. Icing created a much more interesting visual for me,” she said via email.

Left: Pushover. Right: Handmaiden.

Anna Friemoth

With brightly colored costumes and solid backdrops, Friemoth’s photos have a playful, pop-art sensibility. But they also bite.

“Criticism in satire is implied and not overstated. It sneaks up on you and makes you look closer.”

“Words for Women” is on display at New York City’s Gallery 151 until March 18.

Left: Trophy Wife. Right: Sugar Tits.

Anna Friemoth