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Watch Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Shill for Bud Light in an Election-Themed Super Bowl Ad

We’ve already seen Drake, Key and Peele, and Academy Award winner Dame Helen Mirren appear in ads that will air during Super Bowl 50—and the list of likeable celebrities shilling for brands during the biggest TV event of the year has now expanded to include Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen. The comedians appear in a new election-themed spot for Bud Light, in which they campaign for the newly formed Bud Light Party across the country.

Half the joke of the ad is the increasingly ridiculous settings in which Schumer and Rogen deliver their campaign message: They appear wearing hard hats in a steel mill, midcourt during an NBA game, and on horseback at a rodeo. The script is not especially inspired—as Vulture points out, it “includes a requisite ‘biggest caucus’ joke”—but Rogen, Schumer, and supporing actors Paul Rudd and Michael Peña revel in the dumbness and turn in some amusing performances regardless. Keep an eye on Schumer during Rogen’s lines; her faux-serious facial expressions include some impressive nostril-flaring.