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Watch the Trailer for The Confirmation, Another Father-Son Bonding Movie From the Writer of Nebraska

The Confirmation is the feature directorial debut of Bob Nelson, who was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay for 2013’s road-trip dramedy Nebraska. Like that movie, The Confirmation centers around a father-son relationship. Clive Owen stars as a somewhat absent small-town dad named Walt, whose weekend with his eight-year-old son Anthony turns into a rousing comedic adventure when he finds out his toolbox has been stolen. The supporting cast includes the great character actors Tim Blake Nelson and Stephen Tobolowsky, and comedian Patton Oswalt has a cameo as an eccentric, drug-using drywaller. Throw in a fist fight and some deep conversations about faith, and you’ve got what looks like an earnest story about family bonding—studded with some bizarre twists. The movie hits theaters and iTunes on March 18.