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Watch Ross Marquand’s Uncanny, Insanely Good Celebrity Nano-Impressions

Ross Marquand as Jack Nicholson asking you for a dance. 

Still from YouTube

Though most known as Aaron on The Walking Dead, actor Ross Marquand moonlights as one of our foremost impersonators, a man whose talents for mimicry put higher-profile impressionists like Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon to shame.  

For a brief glimpse of those talents, there’s Marquand’s Rust Cohle impression, which remains the best we’ve seen. But to get a sense for the full, freaky breadth of his abilities, you’ll need to watch these two videos by Vanity Fair, which see him cycle through six-second celebrity “nano-impressions”—Michael Caine opening a jar; John Malkovich sipping the wrong drink; Harrison Ford losing a sneeze—that serve as uncanny simulative snapshots, entire personas captured with a well-placed gesture, a setting of the face, and a chameleonic voice. Enjoy.