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The Force Awakens’ Best Twitter Parody Just Got Company: Very Lonely Luke

Screengrab from Twitter

On top of everything else we’ve gotten out of The Force Awakens—the shattered box office records, the healing to all the damage the prequels had done—it’s now contributed two of Twitter’s funniest new parody accounts. We’ve already laughed at the skulking Emo Kylo Ren. Now, here to tweet lonesomely beside him is Very Lonely Luke.

The parody account solves a few mysteries surrounding his absence (and contains a few spoilers, obviously). For instance:

What does he think of Kylo Ren?

Did he suck at obeying the Jedi’s celibacy rule as much as Anakin?

What does he do all day?

Do any of his Force ghost friends keep him company?

On top of these important answers, there is also a lot of crushing loneliness:

And sometimes, the jokes take a devastating turn.