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Taylor Swift Takes on Wolves, Forest Fires, Mud Pits in the “Out of the Woods” Music Video

Taylor Swift has noted that “Out of the Woods,” one of 1989’s best songs, is about being in a relationship where the “number one feeling” is anxiety. That anxiety is literalized to an extreme degree in the song’s video, which sees Swift dredging through mud pits, hacking through sentient vines, standing calmly amidst a blazing forest fire, and outrunning a pack of feral wolves, all in the name of love. 

After that, she’s out of the woods … and into the tundra, then into the ocean, then drowning. Tough love indeed! Anyway, turns out the video’s production was also grueling, with director Joseph Kahn tweeting that Swift stayed in the mud “for hours” and “suffered for her art” during shooting. Leo DiCaprio is not impressed