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The Latest Honest Trailer Honors the Dazzling Performance Given by David Bowie (and His Groin) in Labyrinth

Few performances rise to the sparkling standard set by David Bowie in Labyrinth. As the most recent Honest Trailer notes, Bowie hammed it up like no other as Jareth the Goblin King—“a magical creature that can only be described as ‘David Bowie.’ ” Jareth is best remembered for his sassy nature, his Tina Turner-like glam ’do, and the awkward sexual tension between him and Jennifer Connelly’s teenage character. (And also, his very, erm, form-fitting pants.)

The movie might not be nearly as good as we remember it, but Bowie’s performance, along with the incredibly creepy goblin puppets, are still a sight to behold. And no matter how much time passes, “Magic Dance” will never get old.