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The Video for Grimes’ New Single, “Kill V. Maim,” Is Hypnotic, Bonkers

Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, left her musical mark in 2015 with the fall release of her widely-acclaimed album, Art Angels, and its poppy lead single, “Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream.” Not to be silent for long, everyone’s favorite genre-fluid, multi-talented Canadian curiosity has returned with a bonkers new video for the album’s second single, the darker-sounding “Kill V. Maim.”

The video opens with Grimes and friends speeding through a neon cityscape in a car that, but for the hot pink finish, might’ve been a loaner from Mad Max. From there, we cut to a vacant subway platform where the group, dressed for either Mardi Gras or Halloween, shows off some jerky dance moves. Before long, we’re dropped into a massive rave, and then an abandoned warehouse where the track’s propulsive bass-and-snare combo briefly drops back and our suddenly winged songstress shepherds us through the song’s soft-by-comparison bridge. The calm is short-lived: by video’s end, the ravers are back, ecstatically raving again—only now, they’re covered in blood and somehow no worse for the wear.