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Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” Video Hints at What Their Super Bowl Performance Might Look Like

As Coldplay and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance approaches, Coldplay has released a video for their collaboration, “Hymn for the Weekend.” The video features Chris Martin milling about, surrounded by basically every aspect of Indian culture an American audience might recognize. And some of this aesthetic could carry over into their performance with Beyoncé on Feb. 7, where they will presumably perform this song.

Super Bowl halftime show performances are often informed by the music videos for the songs being performed: ‘N Sync performed the same—or at least a very similar—dance for “Bye Bye Bye” as the one in the music video during their 2001 Super Bowl gig, and more recently Beyoncé herself did the “Single Ladies” dance when she reunited with Destiny’s Child for the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013. Bruno Mars’ performance of “Treasure” in 2014 also had a similar vibe to the groovy music video. This Coldplay video is light on choreography, so it might be more likely that the performance would draw aesthetic inspiration from it, like Michael Jackson’s 1993 performance did by displaying a globe at the end of “Heal the World” just as he did in the music video.