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Channing Tatum Lip Synced “Run the World (Girls)” in a Beyoncé Wig—With a Cameo From the Real Beyoncé

We all knew this was coming—for months, Lip Sync Battle has hyped its  “Tatum Takeover” episode, first with the announcement that Beyoncé would appear, and then with some tantalizing clips of Channing Tatum giving it his all, most notably in a dazzling Frozen get-up performing “Let It Go.” That doesn’t make this video of the Magic Mike star’s “Run the World (Girls)” routine, or Queen B’s all-too-brief cameo at the end, any less an amazing sight to behold.


Tatum is glamorous in Beyoncé’s signature “Run the World” outfit, with an amazing blonde wig to match. His moves, of course, are spot-on; his glowing face is flush with Sasha Fierce attitude. You can check it all out by skipping ahead to around the 1:50 mark, but maybe think twice before doing so: The cherry on top of all this is Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan’s recreation of his newly iconic sexy-workshop-mechanic version of “Pony.” The actress/dancer, who met Tatum when the two starred together in the dance hit Step Up, has got all of the right moves, too.

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