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Soothe Your X-Files Anxiety With This 20-Minute, Behind-the-Scenes Preview

In September, we posted the latest trailer for the X-Files revival and called it the “best look yet” at the forthcoming miniseries. That title has been usurped, handily, by this 20-minute, nostalgia-soaked, interview-laden preview, which offers fresh insight into the series for fans and newbies alike.

A note: Avoid watching if you don’t want the events of the original series, or the two following movies, spoiled. But if you seek a brisk recap of the series’ story so far, or crave reverent, behind-the-scenes discussion of Joel McHale and Annet Mahendru’s new characters, the state of Mulder and Scully’s relationship, and creator Chris Carter’s intent in reviving the show, this is 20 minutes of pristine fan service. The X-Files returns Jan. 24.