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The Tonight Show Skewers Vox Pop Interviews by Asking People About Star Wars: The Floor Is Shakin’

On Wednesday’s Tonight Show, writer Arthur Meyer interviewed denizens of Rockefeller Plaza to find out how excited they were about the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Horse Was Taken. Or is it Star Wars: The Pork Invasion? Meyer bombarded his sources with increasingly ludicrous alternate titles for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to see if they would react, which none of them did. (I’m sure many of Meyer’s interlocutors noticed his malapropisms and were simply too polite to correct him.)

The bit is as hilarious as it is incredibly dumb. The master class in slant rhymes doubles as a sly critique of the shallowness of typical man-on-the-street interviews, in which neither interviewer nor interviewee usually cares very much about what the other is saying.