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Prince Just Released a Surprise New Album, Hitnrun Phase Two

Prince performs during the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 26, 2008.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Prince has been atypically charitable of late. In September, he released Hitnrun Phase One, a new album full of bright, dance-inflected rock; this past week, after years of refusal, he finally allowed footage of his incredible “Creep” cover to remain online.

And the riches keep coming: On Saturday, without any prior announcement, the Purple One released yet another new album, Hitnrun Phase Two, which like its predecessor is exclusively streaming on Tidal. The record features some previously shared songs—Freddie Gray tribute “Baltimore,” recent live staple “Screwdriver”—but the rest is brand-new material. And for those keeping count, that’s four Prince albums in the past two years, which suggests that, despite increasing evidence to the contrary, ours is a good world. A full tracklist is below.

01. Baltimore
02. RocknRoll Love Affair
03. 2 Y. 2 D.
04. Look at Me, Look at U
05. Stare
06.. Xtraloveable
07. Groovy Potential
08. When She Comes
09. Screwdriver
10.. Black Muse
11. Revelation
12. Big City