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Nick Offerman Drank Whiskey by a Fire for 45 Minutes. Why Is the Video So Soothing?

As the holidays approach and the weather (kind of) cools down, Nick Offerman has given us My Tales of Whisky, a video series all about Offerman and, well, whisky. The latest entry, “Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log,’ ” finds Offerman seated in a plush leather chair next to a crackling fire. For 45 minutes, he steadily stares into the camera. Occasionally he’ll shift in his seat or take a sip.

The video is bizarrely calming, but one question quickly comes to mind: Why? Well, for one, this is a partnered series with Diageo, so he’s ostensibly being paid to sit there, drink scotch, and stare into our souls. But it also makes a weird kind of sense for Offerman, whose brand hinges on hammy riffs on traditional masculinity. We might never know what Offerman is thinking about during these three-quarters of an hour. But it seems like a fair guess that he’s solemnly reflecting on what’s most important in his life—steaks, pizza farms, and America.