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Watch the Trailer for Making a Murderer, Netflix’s Answer to The Jinx

One of 2015’s best, most surprising shows was The Jinx, the HBO docuseries that unspooled the story—and apparent confession—of alleged serial killer Robert Durst. The show’s coupling of true crime and riveting characters was hugely popular, and it seems Netflix took notice: The trailer for the company’s latest series, Making a Murderer, promises a very Jinx-like study of one Steven Avery.

Avery’s story is the opposite of Durst’s: While the latter is a wealthy scion who evaded arrest for most of his life, the former is a working-class Wisconsinite who spent 18 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him. The wrinkle: Just two years after being released, Avery was charged again—this time, with the brutal murder of a photographer. Making a Murderer is out Dec. 18.