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Macaulay Culkin Returns as Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister—All Grown Up and Completely Deranged

For a generation of kids, Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone movies was something of a folk hero. First, he singlehandedly vanquishes two burglars who try to invade his home after his family leaves town. Then he takes on a stuffy, overzealous New York concierge—and those same burglars again—when his family somehow loses track of him again. His methods are ingenious, novel, and entertaining—as long as you don’t think too hard about how psychopathic they are.

But what would life be like after surviving such traumatic events? A new short video from Moldy Peaches’ Jack Dishel imagines Kevin McCallister all grown up, and from what we see here, things aren’t great.

As McCallister fills in for his wife picking up a client from an Uber-like app, he unleashes all of his trauma onto his new acquaintance. And when their impromptu therapy session gets interrupted by an outside intruder? Game over. For longtime Home Alone fans, the sketch should push more than a couple amusing, nostalgic buttons. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.