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Watch Kate McKinnon Make Ryan Gosling Break as She Describes Her Alien Abduction on SNL

In the first post-monologue sketch on Saturday’s SNL, three small-town Americans—played by host Ryan Gosling, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon—gave testimony about being abducted by aliens. While the first two had a dream-like experience during which they saw “the furnace of all creation—what we would call God,” McKinnon had a less ethereal night. As McKinnon describes peeing in a steel bowl and her abductors’ unorthodox inspection techniques, all of her colleagues progressively lose their composure in classic SNL form. As Gosling shakes with laughter, the usually stoic Strong does her best to save the scene by ad-libbing, “He’s crying,” before trying unsuccessfully to stifle her own case of the giggles.

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