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Watch the Honest Trailer for Minions and Its Ubiquitous, Baffling Promotional Campaign

Minions might be the most dissatisfying origin story ever told. We don’t find out much of anything about the little yellow guys from Despicable Me 1 and 2: where their language came from, if they have genders, how they reproduce … and there are a lot more baffling narrative choices where those came from.

Screen Junkies’ newest Honest Trailer breaks down everything wrong with this movie—from the ill-conceived ’60s references to the startlingly high kill count to the promotional Tic Tacs and Twinkies. It’s hard to say which backhanded gibe is more damning: saying that Minions “makes Cars 2 look like the beginning of Up,” or calling it “one of the most expensive, far-reaching promotional campaigns of all time … and also a movie.”