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This Surprisingly Irresistible Mixtape Mashes Up Adele and Drake With Emo Hits

If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late.

Captain Cuts

Gone are the days when Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance stirred the gloomy hearts of emo kids everywhere, and the All-American Rejects ruled the music video countdowns. But Los Angeles-based composing trio Captain Cuts proves we haven’t come as far since the age of emo domination as some might think.

In a new mixtape titled If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late, Captain Cuts interweaves emo standbys with more contemporary, “mainstream” fare: Paramore and Adele make a strangely pleasant pairing, Jimmy Eat World finds a nice complement in Chvrches, Drake and Say Anything sing about love, sex, and cellphones. Sit back, brush your bangs into your face, apply some dark eyeliner, and let the feelings flow.