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Rachel Dratch Bravely Tried to Escape From Scientology for Billy Eichner’s Obstacle Course

Between the apocalyptic volcano on the cover of Dianetics and the devout “paramilitary sect” called the Sea Organization, Scientology is pretty intimidating (and that’s leaving out allegations of human rights abuse, torture, and celebrity brainwashing). It also can be difficult to quit—just ask Leah Remini.

Now Billy Eichner has challenged Billy on the Street guest Rachel Dratch to escape from scientology’s clutches with her acting career intact. To do so she must find Shelly Miscavige, free the half-naked men trapped in John Travolta’s shed, and marry Giovanni Ribisi’s cousin. Is that a photo of Leah Remini emblazoned on her sweatshirt? Can she complete the obstacle course and rescue the TV Land executive from atop the Dianetics volcano? Xenu only knows.