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From X-Files to Twin Peaks to Full House, get ready for next year’s deluge of reboots.

Get ready for next year’s deluge of reboots.

Reboots for 2016-17
The X-Files, Full House, and Twin Peaks will all get reboots in 2016.

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Alan, Margaret, Joe, and June,

So that’s a wrap on TV Club 2015, which we’re finishing just in time to ready ourselves for the deluge that awaits us in 2016. January was once a fallow period for new shows, but that was already changing before Empire premiered earlier this year, emphatically establishing the first month of the year as another boom time for TV. This January, expect shows from Jennifer Lopez, Zach Galifianakis, and Rashida Jones, a live version of Grease, a Showtime drama about hedge funds, and new episodes of The X-Files. Beyond that lies, well, more than 400 original shows.


This time next year, we’ll know if resuscitating all these TV shows, from The X-Files to Full House to Twin Peaks, was a good idea or a means of tarnishing beloved series. (I hope for the former, but my money’s on the latter.) Some random cable channel may have completely made itself over on the strength of one buzzy series. And Mr. Robot, Catastrophe, and Better Call Saul will all have had a chance to live up to their first seasons—while True Detective gets the chance to live its second one down.

It has been a great year for television, and it was a pleasure hashing it all out with you.

Keep climbing,