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Count Down the Best Movies of 2015, in One Beautiful Montage

I’ve been a sucker for movie montages ever since I first saw Chuck Workman’s “100 Years at the Movies” on Turner Classic Movies as a nerdy tween. In the age of YouTube, there’s a new one every day, but few are as expertly executed as David Ehrlich’s annual countdown of the 25 best films of the year.

As always, Ehrlich’s video beautifully stitches together a list of awards-season faves (like short-listed doc The Look of Silence), populist blockbusters (Mad Max: Fury Road), and under-the-radar indies (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter) that film lovers will love arguing about. And as usual, the music choices are brilliant—especially the juxtaposition of the bouncy feminist anthem “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” with images of Furiosa’s intense feminist struggle.