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The Warcraft Trailer Brings One of the Best-Selling Video Games of All Time to Life

At its peak in 2008, World of Warcraft boasted 12 million players and captured over half of the global subscription-based game market. Now the franchise has a comparatively scarce 6 million users, but all of them should be thrilled by the trailer for Warcraft, which brings the world of Azeroth and its accompanying conflicts to the big screen.

As some have noted, the movie seems based on the early Warcraft games, with the plot focusing on the peace negotiations between native humans and orcs who have fled a dying planet. The cast stars Dominic Cooper and Paula Patton, and talented director Duncan Jones—of Moon, Source Code, and being-David Bowie’s-son fame—is sure to make this more than a feature-length cut scene. Warcraft is out next year.