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Rebel Wilson Teaches Dakota Johnson About Ladyscaping in the How to Be Single Trailer

Rebel Wilson knows how to have a good time. She carried both Pitch Perfect movies with her crass one-liners, she was by far the best part of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and now she’ll teach Dakota Johnson how to be single in How to Be Single. In the film she plays Robin, best friend of newly dumped Alice (Johnson). Alice isn’t used to freedom or flirting or even leaving her house, so when Alice’s boyfriend breaks up with her, Robin is there to make sure she takes advantage of her circumstances.

“Taking advantage” in Robin’s book means rooftop dance parties, seducing guy friends, and getting serious about ladyscaping. “You really need to get that taken care of,” she tells Alice while the two are in a sauna together. “There’s a reason I stopped watching Duck Dynasty.” How to Be Single hits theaters in February.