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The Trailer for the Finding Nemo Sequel Is Here to Warm Your Heart

Somewhere beyond the sea Dory and Marlin are tucked peacefully away in their sea anemone beds secure in the knowledge that they found Nemo. However, perhaps predicting a sequel in years to come, Pixar left Dory’s storyline open-ended. Even after the epic Finding Nemo saga, we don’t know much about her. Where does she come from? Does she have a family? And why can’t she remember anything?

Which brings us to Finding Dory, another undersea grand adventure in the same vein, in which Dory appears to embark on a quest to find her family. The only difference is that Marlin’s memory of Nemo was crystal clear while Dory can’t remember … anything. Except maybe something about a clam? No, an oyster. A mollusk? She’s not sure.