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Marvel’s Jessica Jones Is Out for Blood in This Trailer With Tons of New Footage

In the new trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones, out Nov. 20, Jessica is out for blood. Where the first trailer expanded on her brooding-antiheroine personality, this one fleshes out what drives her—namely a vendetta against Zebadiah Killgrave, alias Purple Man.

It opens with a scene we’ve seen before: Jessica sitting at a bar while Luke Cage (Mike Colter) serves her shot after shot. But when Cage asks her if anyone else knows about her “abilities,” she brings up Killgrave. “His ability is to make people do whatever he wants,” she says. “Exactly like mind control.” “You want to face him alone?” Cage asks. “Yeah,” she answers. “I do.”

Cue a badass shot of grim-faced Jessica walking down a hotel hallway toward her archenemy. The rest of the clips show her breaking locks, punching bad guys, burning down a building, and saving an innocent bystander from being run over by a subway train. Unlike the last trailer, which was deeply disturbing, this one has a few moments of levity. “I don’t know how you handle it all,” says Jessica’s friend Trish Walker. “It’s called whiskey,” Jessica answers.