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Sufjan Stevens Covered “Hotline Bling” and His Dance Moves Rivaled Drake’s in Awkwardness  

At his show in Jersey City Saturday night, Sufjan Stevens became the latest in a line of artists (including Justin Bieber and Erkyah Badu) to cover Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” He was joined onstage by Gallant, and in a tribute to the 6 God, both artists also performed their best Drake-inspired goofy dance moves.

Stevens’ shuffles and hand-waves are a little jerkier than Drakes, who prefers a fluid series of thrusts and wiggles, but the moves are in line with the cover, which is also punchier. Meanwhile Gallant goes full-on falsetto during the chorus, which is almost as impressive as Stevens’ 30-second dance breakdown (3:26). Overall it’s a fitting tribute, complete with a giant picture of Drake.