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Watch a Delirious Liam Neeson Star in Stephen Colbert’s Fake Candy Crush Movie    

Video game publisher Activision Blizzard recently acquired the maker of Candy Crush for a staggering $5.9 billion, and has also announced the launch of an in-house movie and TV studio to create media based on its games. Combine that with the fact that Angry Birds already has a movie on the way, and a Candy Crush movie seems inevitable. Stephen Colbert wasted no time lampooning the possibility—and enlisted Liam Neeson to help bring his parody to life.

In this hammy, hyper-dramatic skit, Neeson plays Colbert’s father, who lies dying—after being pierced by a candy cane—among some very colorful, mossy rocks. Candy Crush freaks might recognize their outfits, which appear to be modified versions of Mr. Toffee’s get-up. The sketch overflows with Candy Crush in-jokes—for instance, Colbert tries to revitalize his father with lemon drops, but unfortunately he grabs three together and they disappear. “I spent my best years crushing candy,” Neeson says as he reaches the end. “And yet as I crushed I would sometimes think, ‘This is a huge waste of time.’ ” Candy Crush players can relate.