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Colbert and James Taylor Sang “Fire and Rain” With New Lyrics Updated for 2015

When James Taylor appeared on the Late Show Thursday night, he confided in Stephen Colbert that he’s always updating his songs—even “Fire and Rain,” which Colbert claims is perfect already. “The thing is that I wrote that song in 1970, and I just hadn’t seen that much back then—mostly fire and rain,” Taylor admitted. But he’s seen a lot of stuff since then—like calzones. “I hadn’t seen those back then, but if I had I definitely would have added them to the song,” Taylor said.

He and Colbert sang the new version, which includes nods to everything that’s changed the world since 1970—from Beanie Babies to Fifty Shades of Grey. The updated version actually has 75 more verses that we don’t get to hear before the commercial break.