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Daniel Craig and Colbert Did a Sketch About What Happens When James Bond Tries to Rent a Car

Stephen Colbert has some beef with James Bond: “You always get these beautiful cars. These amazing, incredible cars with the gadgets, and then you wreck them immediately,” he told Daniel Craig. Thankfully, Craig pointed out that the new movie addresses this problem with a sort of “gritty realism.”  

Cut to a rental car service in Rome, where a mustachioed Colbert plays a typically frustrating clerk. As Colbert does his work incredibly slowly, Craig’s Bond becomes increasingly impatient. Things only get dicier when Colbert finally pulls up a disastrous rental history. Bond might have wrecked his old rental in the past, but he reasons that he did bring it back with a full tank of gas. Luckily, as we all know, “that’s all that matters.”