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God Bless the #PopeBars Meme, Because His Holiness Spits Hot Fire

Pope Francis is not your average pope: On top of his (somewhat) progressive stances on certain issues, he has also released his own rock album and inspired pizza likenesses of his image. Now, Twitter has taken his Cool Papa reputation to the next level with a new meme. Prepare thyself, because His Holiness is about to drop some seriously slick #PopeBars.

It all started with this photo of the Supreme Pontiff picking up the mic—which got Twitter’s imagination going.

Now everyone is joining in to spread the word about this divine creation, with their own twists.

Some get historical:

While others craft their bars after the image of Hova.

Unsurprisingly, Lin-Manuel Miranda threw his hat in the ring.

As did fellow MacArthur Genius Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Some more highlights: